faqWhat is Mixalot?

Mixalot is a patent-pending solution for face-to-face interactions that helps people connect with the people they are most interested in meeting at a live event. This includes all types of business networking, tradeshow and conference events, job fairs, faith-based gatherings, alumni meetings, and of course speed dating events. At Mixalot, we partner with event organizers and promoters to use our software to scale their events, reduce workload, and increase revenue.


Is Mixalot available for public use?

Absolutely. For the use of the Mixalot software, we either take a portion of the ticket sales, charge per attendee, or clients can pay a monthly fee. You can contact us here for more information.


Can I use Mixalot to pair employers with potential job applicants? Can it help me match entrepreneurs with future collaborators? How about matching expecting parents with a doula?

Yes, yes, and yes. Mixalot is fully customizable to reflect your specific setting. While we are currently focused on speed dating, where there is a strong demand, we look forward to expanding to events for other communities in the near future.